Show Notes for Episode 004: Maggiepalooza!

Hello, spinsibs!  In this episode I make up a whole new word.  See if you can find it.  (Hint: It's in the Woolee Winder segment.) Here are the links:

Opening Chatter

The entry I talk about from Sheep Gal is here.

Some information from the Mayo Clinic about the symptoms of a heart attack can be found here.

Team Sasquatch

The Michigan Fiber Festival

The Maine Morning Mitts knitalong

The Spinning Loft

Potluck Roving

Louet Northern Lights

Blue Moon Fiber Arts

A reprint of Janel Laidman's fractal stripe socks article


The Woolee Winder

Indie Dyers

Bee Mice Elf's Etsy shop

Bee Mice Elf's blog

Puddles plied with Slate Blue

"Puddles" plied with semi-solid slate blue in the skein

Puddles plied with Slate Blue

"Puddles" plied with slate blue in a swatch

Puddles plied with itself

"Puddles" plied with itself


"Around the Mulberry" plied with semi-solid teal in a swatch

Book/DVD Review

Maggie Casey

Maggie Casey at the Spinning Loft

Maggie Casey, Start Spinning: Everything You Need to Know to Make Great Yarn

Maggie Casey, Start Spinning: The Video

Closing Chatter

The Knitty editors' blog

And . . .

. . . last but not least, I played promos for two podcasts during this episode:  CraftLit and Spin Control. Do check them out.