Show Notes for Episode 027: Up the Orifice

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Opening Chatter

The donation incentive for the months of November and December is two bumps (8 oz.) of an 80/20 blend of Merino and silk in the colorway "Ravenswood" from Into the Whirled.  To be entered into a drawing to win this fiber, just donate $5 or more to the podcast by the end of December.  There's a donate button in the left-hand column of the page that will take you right to PayPal.  You can find more goodies from Into the Whirled here; my review of Into the Whirled is here.

I'll be at the Madrona Fiber Arts Retreat in Tacoma from February 15-20.

Big Girl Knits and More Big Girl Knits


The Knitty blog

Out for a Spin

Julia Farwell-Clay's article on custom wheel makers in Spin-Off.

Beth's blog on the dream wheel weekend

Julia's blog entry (in her blog, Moth Heaven) on the dream wheel weekend


Andrew and Susan Forsyth's website


Amanda Hannaford's combing videos

I couldn't get the embedding to work, so here are the links:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Amanda's website and Etsy store


Maggie Casey, Spinning Big and Lofty Yarns