Show Notes for Episode 034: A Sheep Named Darwin

Opening Chatter  The Black Sheep Gathering

Out for a Spin

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Santa Cruz fleece no. 1

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Santa Cruz fleece no. 2

The hot water bottle patterns from cocoknits and Leigh Radford.

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the Spunky Eclectic fiber that Jillian made into this:

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and this:

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This fiber from Southern Cross . . .

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. . . became these singles.

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Braids from Woolgatherings:

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Meanwhile, Sasha's been spinning this Texel from The Spinning Loft, which she dyed herself, for socks.  The actual color is way more green than this.



DVD Review

How to Card Wool: Four Spinners, Four Techniques

Maggie Casey, Start Spinning (DVD).  Reviewed here.

Rita Buchanan, How I Spin (DVD).  Reviewed here.

Indie Dyer Interview

Spunky Eclectic (fiber review here).

The Organized Spinner

Tyvek wristbands, like the ones here

Information on "Andean" plying