Show Notes for Episode 035: The Spinning Devil says "woolen"

Opening Chatter

The lovely donation incentive from Black Bunny Fibers that's going to Melissa:


Dragon's Tail

The new donation incentive is 8 ounces of fiber from Yarn Hollow

A link to my fiber destash

The Spinning Loft classes page, for information on classes with Sarah Anderson and Deb Robson.

The Kitchener-Waterloo Knitter's Fair


Out for a Spin

Jillian's blog post on plying twist

Jillian's fabulous "Dirt" singles:

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The Corgi Hill Farm Merino/Camel/Cashmere yarn:

IMG 2277


The sample I spun from my CVM fleeces:

IMG 0722

Fiber Review: Woolgatherings

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The website

The Etsy shop

The Ravelry group

Wheel Review: The Hansen Mini-Spinner

MS cherry 600


Züca Bags

Equipment Review: The Will Taylor Clever Kate

Will Taylor doesn't have a web site.  I got my Clever Kate at Carolina Homespun.