Show Notes for Episode 038: Knitterly Love


Pet Organics At Ease Natural Herbal Calming Spray for cats

Finished Objects and Works in Progress


Hugh's Christmas Hat

Mark's Christmas Hat

Mistake Rib Cowl

Non-Itchy Scarf for Matthew

IMG 1136

Piper's Journey

More Socks for Matthew

Baby Blanket for Thingy

IMG 1147

Lots of Jacob

IMG 0879

Spunky Eclectic Targhee in Tie Dye

Pigeonroof Studios Merino/Silk in Inveigle

Field Trip


IMG 1069

State of the Stash

Fiber Company Tundra

Spud and Chloe Sweater

Blue Sky Alpacas Metalico

Mash Note

Blue Sky Alpacas

There's information on the Metalico pattern collection here.  You can see some of the Royal Petite patterns here. You can see a picture of one of the Spud and Chloe pattern cards here.


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